jrock_necklaces (jrock_necklaces) wrote,

Necklaces go on sale!!

Hello everyone :]
I have a bunch of ESP signature Jrock necklaces for sale!
If they use ESP guitars/basses I probably have their signature plectrum.
I has feedback way down there *

(The Histugi & Sakito plectrums are swapped round (i was tired when putting stuff up I suppose)

After getting back from Japan I know have Reita's DimScene 09 pick necklaces aswell now,

Running out of Reita's normal necklaces though so I may have to find an excuse to go back to Japan ;)

These are beautiful necklaces featuring authentic Jrockers signature ESP plectrums all of which have been purchased in Japan.
The necklaces are approximately 20" long.
Buyers can ask for different sizes if need be although the 20" chain will fit most people.

You could wear any of these to your neck Jrock/VK gig!

This is the simple bit.. £7.50 each
For a christmas only 2 for £10 posted (great for a xmas present maybe?)
Special gift box's can be added for an extra £2
When ordering please comment leaving your, Location (eg UK/USA etc), Payment Method & which necklace/s you would like
Paypal, postal orders & cheques please.
£1 (UK) postage no matter how many you buy!!
Anyone from outside the UK I will get an exact quote for you (should be less than £2.50 anywhere)
Your necklace will be packed securely and it will be shipped on the day of receiving payment (unless its after 5:30pm or weekends etc)

Now with the boring bit over have a look at all the necklaces I have to offer.

Aoi (guitar)


Uruha (guitar)

(why does my camera often end up being gay!!)
(this is it actually behaving with the random line thing)

Reita (bass)

I now have a new style of Reita plectrum (though I cant take pictures sold camera)
Its from the Dim Scene 09' tour (pictured below - middle)

Dir En Grey:

Kaoru (guitar)

Die (guitar)

Toshiya (bass)
(battery died before being able to take a pic)
(will get pics up soon sorry)

Sakito (guitar)
(again battery died)

Histugi (guitar)
(same as above)

Karyu (guitar)

(Yay one I actually have a pic of again even though its poop)

Zero (bass)

Syu (guitar)

Luna Sea, S.K.I.N, X-Japan:
Sugizo (guitar)

Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer:
Mana (guitar)

Sex Machinegun/s:
Anchang (guitar)

Aki (bass)

Tags: aki, anchang, aoi, d'espairsray, die, dir en grey, esp, fashion, galneryus, gazette, hitsugi, japan, jrock, kaoru, karyu, luna sea, mana, moi dix mois, necklaces, nightmare, reita, s.k.i.n, sakito, sex machineguns, sid, sugizo, syu, toshiya, uruha, x, zero
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